From the firm: Finances, fitness and fun

Finances, fitness and fun. These three words (and usually in this order of importance) apply to many of us on a daily basis. 

A strong financial foundation is the key to living the rest of your life the way you want. It all starts with an accurate and realistic view of where you stand financially, so you can make smart decisions that fulfill your financial obligations while you achieve your long-term goals.

A business can't have a strong financial foundation without employees. Our article about the lessons of The Great Resignation will help you create a great onboarding and working experience for your employees.

Not a business owner yet? If you're thinking about going freelance, check out our startup FAQs to help you begin and keep your business on solid financial footing. We also have some suggestions from the FCC to help your business stay cybersecure.

And we share some key tax changes you can discuss with our team to maximize your tax advantages and maintain your business and personal financial health—and make sure your tax obligations are as low as possible.

Once you have all things financial squared away, consider tackling goals related to fitness in your life. In this issue, we have some good information to get you started—including a look at some of the best physical fitness resorts and getaways.

We hope you enjoy the fun travel activity suggestions in this issue as well. They’re great for easing travel stress and adding some extra fun on spring break trips.

Wishing you continued success,

Your Trusted Advisors

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