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What do I do all Summer?

Angie Eyster Lohrey

August 23, 2018

What do you do all year?  I hear this question often during tax season.  so, I will share a little bit of what happens outside of tax season. 

We are continually working on ways that we can make the experience for our clients better each year.  This year I am working on implementing new software that I hope increases my productivity and  ultimately helps me get your tax return to you more quickly.  Clients that have been long-time customers know I used to be able to turn around a return in a week and that the time has been gradually increasing over the last 20 years.  This does not make me happy about my service and I am committed to doing better for each of you. 

I have spent 12 days out of the office on continuing education and collaborating with other CPA firms around the country so that I can keep on top of the ever changing environment including technology, security and tax laws.

Tax season never ends.... Business extension returns are due September 15th and the individual returns are due October 15h.  Needless to say, those returns are arriving and I am greatful for this work.

We are assisting new and established business with Quick Books training and payroll services year round.

And last but not least I am looking forward to a week at the beach after the extended returns are completed!

So you see, my work is alot like your work, there is always plenty to do !

Have a great Fall season!

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